Absolutely NO leotards or dance attire with glitter on it will be allowed
Any color leotard and tights
Skirted leotards may be worn
Footless tights must be worn close to the ankle
Ankle-length unitards and bike shorts style unitards may be worn
Tights must be worn under bike shorts unitard
No recital costumes unless it is a leotard
Short tutus are OK - NO LONG TUTUS
No skirts that pass mid-thigh


Please follow the dress code at all times
No jewelry (necklaces or bracelets)
Earrings must be studs or small drops, no dangles or large hoops
No gum chewing during class
Your hair must be tied back neatly away from your face at all times.
No large bulky hair barrettes are allowed; use coated elastics and hair clips.
Please make sure you are ON TIME for all your dance classes.
Don't forget your dance shoes.
No street shoes are allowed past the waiting room.
Parents, please make sure your child does not wear her dance shoes outdoors or     
on pavement; I do not want shoes that have come from the street on the dance        
floor at any time.
Children are not allowed to play in the parking area at ANY time. There are too     
many cars coming and going at all hours of the day.

WAITING ROOM:  Children who are not dancing must be quiet in the waiting
room while classes are in session.  There is no running around in the waiting room.

PARKING AREA: I have four spaces allocated to the studio. Afternoon classes:
when all my spaces are occupied, you must park in the larger parking lot across
from the studio. If the businesses next to the studio are closed at night, their
parking places become available at that time.

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